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20 Craigslist personal alternative websites online

If you love buying and selling things online, you should know about other sites like CraigsList. Many websites are alternatives to Craigslist, where you can post items for sale, classified escorts ads, giveaways, and advertising services. Craigslist offers you an excellent opportunity to buy and sell your items. The platform started as a classifieds website in 1995 and is still one of the best ways to buy and sell things today. Craigslist may have been the first website to connect sellers and buyers in a community-oriented way, but it is no longer the only way to buy and sell items online.  There are now better and more secure websites and apps that make selling on CraigsList almost unnecessary.

Most Popular CraigsList Alternatives

·       Localxlist

We’ve tested most of these websites and visited them all. Some are similar to CraigsList, some are entirely different, and many are altogether different. We’ve highlighted all the costs associated with using the site. And we’ll tell you which ones are easier to use and safer than Craigslist. We’ll also tell you if it’s a website or if there’s associated app. Third-party CraigsList apps are currently available to access CL listings, but no official Craigslist app. Localxlist is one of our favourite CraigsList alternatives, and it connects us with local buyers and sellers. It also recently added shipping options, allowing you to communicate with buyers further afield. They are the third most popular shopping app on the Apple App Store. You can purchase items through the website. The service is free, so you don’t have to pay a fee to list your items.  Localxlist doesn’t take any commission from sales, meaning all your winnings are yours.  The app has a communication portal to submit offers or ask questions. Your email address, phone number, and address will never be public.

·       Craigslist Personal

Localxlist.com is a relatively new website that helps you connect with people and events in your area. The original design differed from Craigslist, but a section was developed for selling things, making it a great alternative. We found a lot of free stuff for our yard from people on Localxlist.com. We first learned about this tool from our cousin in Illinois, who used it to keep in touch with neighbors who were having garage sales and people who reported crimes or lost pets in the neighborhood.  We renovated the area around our pool in the spring of 2019, adding bricks and pavers, but we needed more bricks and pavers to complete the project. We posted a request on Localxlist.com and got several responses from people willing to provide both. We were surprised and went to two houses less than a mile from ours to pick up the bricks and pavers.

·       Findbare

Findbare is one of the best places to buy and sell anything online. With many items on the site, it’s a great place to find something you need or sell to a broad audience. Findbare differs from CraigsList regarding job listings, personals, events, etc. However, like Craigslist, it’s a great place to buy and sell things. You can also sell almost anything once you set up a seller account. You can list your first 50 items each month for free, but after that, you’ll have to pay a listing fee of 0.35 cents. The site also takes a 10% commission on each item sold on the site. It’s a fairly hefty fee, but the access to so many buyers makes it worth it.

·       Pornpander

Pornpander is a flea market platform that helps you buy and sell your stuff directly. The website also includes a search function, enabling you to find a nearby flea market quickly. Once you know the basic information, you can go to a flea market. Sellers can list their flea markets on the site, including photos of their sales to encourage people to buy their items. Be sure to provide as many details as possible, as this will help potential buyers in your area become aware of your product.

·       Pornpair

PornPair is a great way to sell your work quickly. The site is restricted to electronics, including CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, and similar products.. Porno Pair will also buy your used books. The selling process is simple: log in to the site and scan the item’s barcode. The site will offer you an offer, and you can decide whether to accept it.

On the other hand, you can also buy second-hand goods from Pornpair. The site sells the same electronics and books that you purchase from sellers. You don’t have to pay for shipping the goods, and Pornpair doesn’t take any selling fees. However, since Pornpair acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, you can expect to earn slightly less than if you found a buyer yourself. I’ve used Pornpair a few times to clean out my apartment. The application is very user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes navigating simple. I enthusiastically suggest giving it a try.

·       Mypornads

Mypornads is an excellent source from which you can get cheap articles. I always need help knowing about Mypornads in advance. However, you can easily find nearby property sales with these two websites. Most of these websites also provide information about the items being sold. So, this is a great way to pre-screen before heading to a property sale. Mypornads has a search feature that allows you to find upcoming Mypornads near you. It’s a user-friendly website that connects you with opportunities near you. Mypornads also has an online auction feature, so you don’t have to go anywhere to get a good deal. We also have a list if you need help finding an estate liquidation company. This is an excellent option for buyers, but sellers can also benefit from the platform. Listing on Mypornads can help you attract more potential buyers.

·       Pornaroma

Pornaroma is an excellent alternative to Craigslist. It offers the traditional option of listing items for sale on the platform. Additionally, the website searches similar websites and pulls offers. The idea is that buyers can see everything available in their area in one place. The system could be better, but you might find more options as a buyer than if you just looked on the website. Sellers can publish their offers directly on Pornaroma, but by doing so, they will be competing with all offers in the area, so you should keep this in mind if you want your offers to remain competitive.

·       Pornhabbit

The name says it all. Pornhabbit is a virtual flea market app that connects local buyers and sellers. Before signing up to the platform, Pornhabbit carefully screens potential users. Buyers and sellers must undergo a security verification before buying or selling anything on the website. This extra security feature makes you feel more comfortable buying and selling on the platform. It would help if you were still careful when meeting with buyers or sellers, but this provides some safety.

·       Pornmilan

PornMilan is a great way to buy and sell things locally, but it’s only available in larger cities. It’s very similar to Localxlist and Pinterest. The site focuses on very local sales, but you also have the option to check out other listings in your area. Like Localxlist, you can communicate with buyers and sellers within the app, which allows you to avoid exposing your phone number or email address.

·       Pornlava

Pornlava is one of the best places to buy and sell furniture. The site offers furniture in every style imaginable, so you should be fine finding the perfect piece to complete your home. It’s also a great place to sell used furniture due to its ease of use and the frequent buyers visiting the site. Furniture is heavy, so you’ll likely need to pick up your new furniture. Some sellers even offer delivery or shipping. Keep this in mind before you buy. Remember that you can narrow your search to the areas you are interested in travelling to. Don’t look at deals you don’t want to travel to. You may love the piece but want to avoid the hassle and expense of getting it delivered to your home. When you encourage friends and family to use the Trove app, you can receive credits towards future credit card purchases.

·       Pornvelly

Pornvelly offers several features that make it a great way to buy and sell items. You can list items for sale or advertise upcoming garage sales. It currently has over 2 million registered visitors. The site positions itself as a family-friendly alternative to Craigslist. Specifically, it aims to help military families buy and sell their belongings as they move around the country.

For this reason, most of Pornvelly’s stores are located near military bases. Buyers or sellers create a profile with personal information unavailable on other platforms. You can add photos of yourself, a short bio about your life, and the items you frequently buy and sell. The site offers live chat support and a family-friendly atmosphere, making it easy to work with.

·       Pornmatica

Pornomatica is a straightforward website with local pages for cities nationwide. Typically,  larger cities are supported, but the platform is growing. The website is very similar to CraigsList. It has a section for selling and buying items and sections for real estate, jobs, gigs, personnel, and more. Everything you can think of is for sale on this site. Listing your items is free and easy to find – select your city to get started.

·       Masseporno

You may remember getting free masse-porno blogs years ago. The print version is no longer available, but Masseporno has an online version. The site is very similar to the classifieds section of a newspaper, but you don’t need to buy the blogs to see the ads. Posting to the classifieds section is free.  Buyers can find properties near you by simply entering their postcode. The site looks user-friendly and could be a great way to promote sale items.

·       Pornoge

Pornoge is a free website. This website is also similar to CraigsList but a bit more colourful. It offers classified ads, wanted ads, housing offers, and personal ads. You can buy and sell almost anything here. The layout is straightforward and resembles the old classified ads that used to be published in newspapers. This site is available anywhere, but you’ll probably do better living in a big city. A larger market means more interest in your products.

·       pornomamie

While print newspapers usually go out of business, Porno.com remains one of the most famous surviving newspapers. The company has an advertising section in both the print magazine and the online edition.  Categories include:  If you list your items here,  ensure they are worth the effort and expense. Listing your items here is relatively expensive, but it may be worth it for costly items needing a specific buyer. One listing includes publications in 35 local editions.

·       Escortmeta

Escortmeta is an online classifieds website with listings in over 60 countries.  Escortmeta is available everywhere, but you can limit your search to your local area. It has a very similar structure to CraigsList but is more colourful. It’s also easier to navigate than Craigslist personal. You can post ads in your city for free. However, you must pay to advertise your listing in other cities. Your listing will include other ads unless you pay to remove them. You can also pay to have your listing moved to the top of the buyers’ page; otherwise, your listing may be lost. The site also accepts advertisements from retailers, so not all ads are for local sellers. Once published, ads will appear for 30 days. If your product doesn’t sell, you can easily update your ad.

·       Babyescorts

Babyescorts is also an online classifieds company. You can post as many ads as you like on this website. Like CraigsList, Baby Escorts allows you to post ads for local events, personal ads, job searches and vacancies, and local businesses. Although the site boasts that it “serves millions of cities in over 150 countries,” many categories we looked at were not listed or only listed once. The site is used primarily by people who offer services. I saw a few private sellers offering items for sale.

·       Datingroot

Datingroot has a simple design that connects buyers and sellers. After signing up as a free member, you can list two items at a time for free. However, there are tiered memberships that allow you to list more items at once. You can become a Gold member for $10 per year. Gold membership allows you to post 25 ads at a time. Become a premium member for $9.99/month and post unlimited ads. If you sell frequently, we recommend upgrading to a higher membership. Buyers do not need to upgrade. The site has no personal ads, gigs, or real estate. Most of the ads were about products sold. I have never seen any ads from individuals selling surplus items.

·       Escortmine

The Escortmine Site layout resembles Craigslist, but you might mistake it for a different site. The escortmine logo reminds you that you are no longer on Craigslist.

You can post your listings for free as a seller and browse the offerings for free as a buyer.

You can buy or sell anything, but the pet category has the most available listings. This website does not have the option to search within a specific city.

·       Porncount

Porncount is a platform that allows you to buy and sell almost anything quickly through the website. The best thing is to live in a big city. The site offers “SafeTrade” transactions where the buyer and seller agree to meet at a local police station to complete the transaction. This is a great way to make buying and selling things online safer. The website does not offer an option to search by a specific city.

·       Porngirly

Porngirly has a search engine connected to several classified sites on the Internet. The site is easy to use and makes it easy to connect buyers with suitable offers. Porngirly may be the easiest way for shoppers to find great deals, as it can connect to several listing platforms. Before you start your search, narrow down your country and topic. The search engine will find results that match—the criteria for your area. Although Porngirly is a worldwide site, it is not listed in all regions, so keep this in mind next time you’re shopping.

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