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Ditch the Myths: Start Investing in Digital Gold with Spare8 Today!

Gold has long been a coveted asset, a symbol of wealth and stability. But for many, traditional gold investments seem intimidating – hefty upfront costs, secure storage concerns, and complex transactions. This is where digital gold and gold investment apps step in, revolutionising the way we invest in this timeless asset.

However, several myths persist around digital gold, deterring potential investors. Let’s see which of these facts is true about digital gold:

Myth 1: “Digital Gold Isn’t Genuine Gold”

Absolutely not! Reputable gold investment apps, like Spare8, partner with secure vaults like Augmont to store physical gold that backs your digital holdings. This gold is regularly audited by independent bodies, ensuring its authenticity. You can even request physical delivery of your gold investment whenever you desire.

Myth 2: “Investing in Digital Gold Is a Risky Choice”

Digital gold offers several advantages that mitigate risk. Unlike physical gold, it’s immune to theft or loss. Furthermore, with fractional investments starting from as low as Rs.10, you can diversify your portfolio without significant capital outlay. The Spare8 gold investment app’s 256-bit encryption, the same standard used by banks, safeguards your investments against fraud.

Myth 3: “Hidden Expenses and Costly Storage Plague Digital Gold”

Gone are the days of hefty locker rentals and hidden fees. Platforms like Spare8 boast 0% transaction fees, ensuring your entire investment goes towards acquiring gold. Secure storage is handled by their partners, eliminating the burden on you.

Myth 4: “Complex Documentation is a Must When Buying Digital Gold”

Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork. Signing up for the best app to buy digital gold, like Spare8, is a breeze. Their user-friendly interface allows you to invest with just a few clicks, making the process smooth and accessible.

Myth 5: “Doubts Persist About the Authenticity of Digital Gold Transactions”

Transparency is key. With the best app to buy digital gold Spare8, you get real-time market-linked pricing and a detailed transaction history for easy tracking. This complete transparency builds trust and empowers you to manage your investments effectively.

Beyond the Basics: Unlocking the True Potential of Digital Gold with Spare8

Digital gold goes beyond just secure and convenient buying. As the best app to buy digital gold Spare8 unlocks a whole new world of possibilities:

  • Gold Leasing: Earn up to 16% p.a. on your idle gold holdings by leasing them to trusted partners through Spare8’s innovative platform. This feature allows your gold to work for you, similar to earning interest on a deposit. You can start leasing with as little as 0.5 grams!
  • Round-Up Savings (Android users): Every purchase you make gets rounded up to the nearest rupee, and the difference is automatically invested in digital gold, making saving for your gold goals effortless (Android users only).

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