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Essential Facilities to Evaluate When Selecting a Holiday Resort Near Mumbai for Professional Training

Conducting different types of professional training in an organization is essential for enhancing the employees’ skills to help with their growth and development. Along with choosing the right training, selecting the right training environment for the employees, especially those who work in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, is crucial. To ensure the success of these professional training sessions, you will find various adventure resorts near Mumbai that provide the best facilities to conduct team-building activities for employees.

Among so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect holiday resort near Mumbai that greatly enhances the learning experience and overall effectiveness of the training. To help narrow your research, we have listed some key facilities to consider when selecting a holiday resort for professional training sessions near Mumbai.

1.   Conference and Meeting Rooms

Before choosing the record, the first thing to confirm is whether it has a conference room with modern audio-visual equipment. The conference and meeting room should be large enough to accommodate the maximum number of people for presentations, discussions, and group activities.

2.   High-Speed Internet Connectivity

Ensure they have reliable high-speed internet connectivity for conducting online training sessions without any hindrance. Secondly, ensure the resort has Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the premises and that sessions remain connected throughout for smooth training.

3.   Accommodation

After the hectic training session, the employees look for comfortable accommodations to relax and rejuvenate after participating in different team-building activities. Look for a resort that offers a range of rooms according to your budget. The rooms must be comfortable and well-appointed for the employees.

4.   Dining Facilities

After the hectic schedule, only the tasty and nutritional meals will complete the day and make the training days more exciting. Select the resort that offers multi-cuisine options, from traditional Maharashtrian meals to continentals. Ask them if you can customize the menu according to your budget and requirements.

5.   Recreational Amenities

In addition to adventure activities that help with team bonding, the resort must have good recreational amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, spa, and sports courts. After the hectic training schedule, the employees can relax and have fun in the swimming pool and bond more, go to a spa for relaxation, the gym enthusiast doesn’t have to sacrifice their daily gym session, and the sports lovers can bond at their favorite sports court.

6.   Accessibility

If you have offices in different cities like Mumbai and Pune and the employees are traveling to the resort from those locations, consider the resort location easily accessible via road, rail, or air.

7.   Customizable Training Space

You can find out if the resort owner offers customization options by asking them, keeping in mind the particulars of your corporate development training. Whether you need classroom setup, theater-style seating, or breakout rooms, ensure the resort can accommodate your needs.


In conclusion, choose the holiday resorts near Mumbai, such as the Empower Activity Camps, which offer all the essential facilities to conduct a corporate development training program. They offer the best facilities where you can easily conduct team-building activities for employees and have all the fun.

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