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General Back Pain Treatment Options for Older Adults

Aging can cause many health issues if you do not take care of your body on time. The body gives an alarm whenever something unusual happens. All you need to do is pay attention to those warning signs, stay active, and take the appropriate medication on schedule. One of the common issues that older adults experience these days is back pain. If back pain treatment is not provided to the patient on time, it increases the complications.

Healthcare providers offer surgery as an option, but it is only for extreme cases when all the other back pain treatment options have been tried and tested. Before that, try these general remedies to manage and control the progression of your back pain.

Use Ice Therapy

Generally, back pain in older adults is associated with a spike in inflammation. To help bring inflammation down, apply cold therapy, such as ice packs or frozen vegetable bags, to the affected area for 20 minutes in addition to exercise and other activities.

Use Heat Therapy

Sometimes, the back pain is related to muscle spasms or stiffness from osteoarthritis. Applying a heat pack to the affected area can help relax the muscles and increase motion. You can apply the heat pack for 20 minutes before performing any exercise or activity.

Effective Exercises

Commitment to staying physically active by performing gentle exercises like aerobics, brisk walking, etc. can help a lot in managing back pain in older adults. Ensure you perform gentle strengthening exercises, as with ageing, your back pain takes time to heal. Do not indulge in strenuous exercises that may increase your pain.

The gentle exercises specifically designed for older adults to ease back pain include:

  • Aquatic therapy, which involves exercising in a warm swimming pool, helps improve balance, flexibility, and functioning.
  • Hamstring exercises are for older adults to decrease pain and increase stability.
  • Core strengthening exercises, such as leg raises, bird dog poses, bridges, and lunges, improve stability, posture, and balance.

Prevent Falls

Older people, over 65 years, are at higher risk for falls while performing various exercises. They may also feel dizzy after taking certain medications that further increase the risk of falling. It may result in injuries and sometimes bone fractures that are difficult to recover from with age. Following a routine of performing aerobics or strengthening exercises under the guidance of experts for 1 to 2 hours a day can help increase balance and lower the risk of falling by 39%.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

With age, it becomes difficult to maintain balance. It is better to wear nonslip or slip-resistant shoes while walking or performing physical exercises. The outsole of these shoes is made of soft rubber and is best to hold the floor grip. You can consult with a doctor for better shoe advice for more comfort.


In conclusion, if your pain doesn’t go away after applying these remedies, it is better to take back pain treatment on time from renowned healthcare centers like ANSSI Wellness. Consult the experts for non-surgical spinal decompression treatments and enjoy a pain-free life without undergoing surgery.

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