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How to make purified water conan

It seems like you’re asking about making purified water in the context of Conan Exiles, a survival video game. In the game, obtaining purified water can be essential for staying hydrated. Here’s how you can make purified water in Conan Exiles:

  1. Build a Waterskin:
    • The first step is to craft a Waterskin. You can do this by opening your crafting menu and selecting the Waterskin recipe if you have it available.
  2. Find a Water Source:
    • Locate a water source, such as a river or a lake. These are usually found throughout the game world.
  3. Fill the Waterskin:
    • Approach the water source and interact with it while holding the Waterskin in your inventory. This action should fill your Waterskin with regular, non-purified water.
  4. Craft a Water Purifier:
    • To purify the water you’ve collected, you’ll need to craft a Water Purifier. This structure is available in the game’s crafting menu under the appropriate category (e.g., Survival).
  5. Place the Water Purifier:
    • Find a suitable location to place the Water Purifier. It should be near your base or campfire. Interact with the purifier in your inventory, then place it in the game world.
  6. Fill the Purifier:
    • With the Water Purifier placed, interact with it and transfer the water from your Waterskin into the purifier.
  7. Light a Fire:
    • The Water Purifier requires fuel to function. Light a fire nearby or use a source of heat (such as a campfire) to activate the Water Purifier.
  8. Wait for Purification:
    • Be patient and wait for the water to purify. This process takes some time. You’ll see a progress bar indicating when it’s complete.
  9. Collect Purified Water:
    • Once the purification process is finished, interact with the Water Purifier to collect purified water.
  10. Stay Hydrated:
    • Use the purified water to quench your character’s thirst and stay hydrated. It’s a valuable resource in the game.

Remember that maintaining a stable supply of purified water is essential for your character’s survival in Conan Exiles, so it’s a good idea to have multiple Waterskins and Water Purifiers if you plan to venture far from your base.

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