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The future of Hiring:  5 Trends in AI for recruitment in 2024

AI is changing the way we interact with digital media today; nearly every industry has some sort of AI application at its disposal. So, why not the human resource industry? Can AI shape the future of hiring? What are the current trends in AI for recruitment, and most importantly, how good is AI in recruitment? So many questions hover over our minds when we hear the term AI hiring. Is it really an autonomous reboot taking an interview of people and telling how good humans are?   Or is it just another assistant that can help with minute tasks while you’re conducting interviews? Let’s dive deep into the future of hiring.

Here are five trends in AI for recruitment that you can’t miss

1. AI for screening candidates

Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? However, this has been the most recent development in the world of AI hiring. Now, AI can shortlist hundreds of CVs in a second and give you a list of potential candidates. With this advanced tool in your hands, you no longer have to spend several hours in a pile of resumes. AI can easily automate this process and help you fast forward the hiring process. These algorithms are specially created in order to ensure that each candidate is analyzed based on the relevant job skill requested by the employer. In addition, these AI applications are so powerful that they can analyze a resume based on the relevant job openings. 

2. AI assistants are helping in Hiring 

So, you’re wondering how is this possible? How can an AI help in hiring? Well, here is the answer. At BarRasier, we have been working for several years to improve the application of AI in recruitment. Our interview intelligence platform is the best AI assistant out there that can help with any kind of online interview. From structured interviews to candidate assessment scores, our AI hiring assistant is capable of fast-forwarding several tasks that may consume time for the recruiter. The primary benefit of the interview copilot that you get is the ability to create a structured interview. This structured interview can not just organize the entire interview process but also help minimize the time to hire.

3. AI-based assessments and candidate score

Candidate assessment scores are something on which BarRaisers has been very cautious while building. Basically, with the help of several AI algorithms, our interview intelligence platform can generate a score for the candidate on the basis of the performance of the candidate. Well, it does seem like a fantastic tool to have that can fast forward the decision-making process. However, there is an ethical factor that plays a big role in candidate assessment scores generated by an AI. You see, the future of AI hiring, where AI itself is making the final decision to hire a human, is obviously a scary scenario to imagine. However, despite all the differences, if you can create enough gatekeeping mechanisms to keep the AI in check, it is beneficial. 

4. Training interviewers with the help of AI

See, interviewer and recruiter training using AI has been the most drastic change in the human resource industry. Where an AI can train a human one several different pointers. At BarRaiser, we have developed an inter functionality that assesses not just candidate performance but also analyzes interviewers. This fantastic method enables the hiring manager to provide feedback on the interviews. This way, they can improve their hiring and interviewing techniques. In addition, interview snippets enable users to check and analyze their previous performance and look for improvement.

5. Bring diversity and inclusion with AI

Reducing bias is something that the entire hiring industry has been struggling with. However, there is no magical solution to this issue; one can only take certain measures to prevent such scenarios within their organization. So, how is AI helping here? See, the entire interview is recorded online, and AI is always present to analyze all the information. This pattern recognition helps the video interview platform to identify biases within the interview. Once biases are identified, hiring managers can work together and provide necessary feedback to the interviewer so they can improve their skills.

At the end:

There is no two-sided end to this story; AI is the future of the coming technological generation, and it is going to change the way we do everything around us. Surely, for some of us, AI hiring is a new phenomenon. However, I believe it will change if given time. The more organizations start using AI as a new medium of hiring assistants for interviewers, the more it is going to improve. Perhaps the only question that remains with the future of AI hiring is whether it can actually hire humans without any assistance. So, the answer is no; the coming AI storm may take some monotonous tasks and improve the productivity of humans. However, it won’t be able to replace them. By adopting AI-powered interview intelligence tools, recruiters can simplify their long-lasting tasks. And pave ways to a smarter approach to assessing candidates. This may seem like a dream come true, but AI can surely change the way we are hiring employees. 

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